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Thanks to the outstanding expertise and experience of its team, Etinastro also provides a series of high quality professional services to its customers.

The team of experts provide graphic design and prototyping consulting services to provide bespoke solutions to maximise the promotion and marketing of your brand.


Graphic consulting service

The Etinastro graphic design consulting service works alongside you in defining the solution that best suits your brand image and your marketing strategy.

Experience and latest generation graphic software at your disposal to create content that suits your ribbons, labels or sensory products for  a successful sensory marketing campaign.


Prototyping service

The team of Etinastro experts creates the prototypes based on your own ideas: ribbons, labels, printing and sensory products to evaluate the best proposal for your Brand in a comprehensive and objective manner.

The technology and know-how at our disposal, along with the collaboration with professionals in this field, guarantees professional, accurate and innovative solutions to the customers who choose us as their partner.


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