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Bows are the perfect solution to decorate a package or add a special touch to a box. View the wide assortment of Etinastro bows!

Whether it’s a matter of wrapping a gift for a friend or customising corporate gift baskets, bows are capable of bestowing elegance and highlighting the care and attention to detail of those who selected them.

Thanks to the expertise and experience acquired by our Etinastro experts, finding the right bow for any occasion will be easy and definitely make an impact, as testified by the big brands  who have already commissioned us to produce their bespoke bows.

All the bows who want, only at Etinastro

Our bows come in a wide range of colours and fabrics, such as satin, cotton, gros grain or also other types of ribbons.

You can choose the colour that best suits your product or brand, making it unique and distinctive at first glance.

Another feature of our bows is the vast availability in different shapes and sizes, from the smallest to the largest, in order to meet all and any demands.

Thanks to the various application options, such as elastic, wire or double-sided adhesive ribbon, our bows are exceptionally versatile and functional, allowing you, for example, to choose to quickly decorate the packaging of a product with the most suitable application method.

Bespoke bows, even in large quantities, and a comprehensive service by Etinastro

In addition to the ready-to-ship solutions, at Etinastro it is possible to customise your bows with logos, lettering or slogans, to give immediate visibility to the brand and enhance the packaging in a bespoke manner.

Whatever the demand, our experts are also able to supply large quantities of bespoke bows, for example, for the confectionery industry, without ever falling short in terms of quality of the workmanship and attention to detail.

The customisation service envisages comprehensive project consultancy, from the design phase to the printing phase, and the planning of particular scheduled deliveries.

Etinastro’s bows are therefore the ideal solution for those looking for a competent manufacturer who can design and produce the perfect packaging for any industry and for any occasion.

Discover our bows and contact us to request a delivery!

Bruno Bosio
Fondatore, grafico, anima creativa