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Etinastro promotes your brand with sensory marketing

Sensory marketing promotes your business values and engages the senses of your Customers. 

Sensory marketing is, in fact, able to engage the senses of consumers and influence their perception, opinion and behaviour.

Etinastro experts use sensory products to provide your brand with highly innovative products used to promote the values of your business or a specific product. 

The scented ribbons, labels and fragrance diffusers in this range boast exceptionally high workmanship and are customisable with a fragrance of your choice, to remain impressed in the minds of Customers as a pleasant memory

Thanks to the collaboration with the fragrance expert Nicola Bianchi, moreover, Etinastro is able to produce a fragrance from scratch, with bespoke scented paints and essences, developed to adapt perfectly to suit your needs. 

Let’s find out why sensory marketing is a must for you!

Case study: the Elio Fiorucci concept store in Piazza San Babila

Elio Fiorucci was an Italian pioneer in sensory marketing, a multi-skilled and successful designer and entrepreneur who rose to fame in the 70s all over the world. 

The Fiorucci store in Piazza San Babila in Milan, which in the 80s introduced bubble gum scented ambient fragrance diffusers, is an emblematic case study in this sense. 

Sensory Marketing: success for your brand

The boutique became an iconic landmark for the Brand, where customers could find styles, products, colours and fragrances merged into a totally unique sensory experience.

In fact, the aspect that impacted the launch of the Milan based store, was Fiorucci’s intuition to engage the sense of smell with a customised fragrance, that could only be found there, and that immediately put anyone who entered into a good mood. 

The generation of Milan Paninari fashion trends can still clearly recall that sweet and fun fragrance, associating it with the values of the brand and the afternoons spent shopping in this store. 

When the packaging smells of…ham!

Fiorucci was the first to introduce sensory marketing to multistores and fashion boutiques, but there are many other successful models to consider

Operating in a different merchandise sector, in fact, we find the case of a well-known ham manufacturer. 

In order to relaunch its market positioning and boost its brand perception, the company decided to include sensory marketing within its promotional strategy.

How? The campaign managers discussed matters with the Etinastro experts asking us to come up with something totally unique. 

So we reproduced the smell of ham and applied it to their packaging

The fragrance was the perfect reproduction of freshly sliced ham: fresh, genuine, with a homely scent. 

The level of success of the campaign and the company was outstanding, so much so that they decided to repeat the experience on other top selling products.

You can trust the expertise and professional skills of Etinastro

If you want to convey your brand values using sensory marketing, place your trust in the Etinastro experts. 

Thanks to the many fragrances available and the possibility to create your very own bespoke fragrance, together we will develop the sensory product that most suits your needs

Thanks to the experience gained with major Brand Customers, we are able to guarantee rapid production and delivery times and all the typical quality of our products. 

When Christmas comes, sign your products in a unique and innovative manner, choose the professional skills of Etinastro and get ready to diffuse your business into the air!

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