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Luminous labels that illuminate your brand…and the atmosphere around it!

Etinastro realises bespoke luminous labels. Discover the features and advantages of these labels, read the news!

Luminous labels are a powerful tool to make products and articles in different merchandise sectors elegant and unique.

A famous example is the luminous label used by Dom Perignon, which has launched a growing fashion in nightlife around the world.

From Billionaire in Sardinia to night clubs in the outskirts; in fact, videos of birthdays and parties with the Champagne glowing in the dark on the tables have been all the rage for years on Instagram.

The luminous labels make an event or an evening even more glamorous and elegant, illuminating not only the brand that has chosen this solution, but also the atmosphere around it.

This is why, Etinastro produces luminous labels to put your signature on your product, or packaging, with exceptionally high-definition printing that distinguishes our products, and innovative designs studied ad hoc by our experts.

Luminous labels:  view all the features

The special feature of our luminous labels is the  exceptionally accurate printing process that guarantees an end result of outstanding visual effect.

In order to produce the labels in question, in fact, a particular paint containing molecules is printed on the surface of the printing medium, which reacts in the blacklight to create a special “glow”.

A peculiarity of this innovative printing technique is its anti-counterfeiting feature, which is increasingly useful and requested for use in many sectors.

In fact, the printing can be transparent on the surface of the label, so it is invisible, but when it is illuminated by the blacklight of a Wood lamp, it allows you to read a code or a security message.

Both of these features make the Etinastro luminous labels important allies for your marketing strategy, ideal for adding your signature, for example, to a Christmas gift with elegance and charm.

Etinastro luminous labels: customisation, expertise and innovative proposals

Etinastro’s  team of experts realise bespoke luminous labels with customised proposals designed to meet all individual needs.

Our staff offers innovative solutions, perfect to promote the values of your company during an event, a special occasion, or also during the festive periods.

Whatever your product, with our bespoke luminous labels, you’ll make your packaging unique…even at night!

Do you want to distinguish your products with bespoke luminous labels?

Bruno Bosio
Fondatore, grafico, anima creativa