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Win over your Customers with these scented adhesive labels!

Etinastro produces bespoke scented adhesive labels customisable as regards to fragrance, shape and size. 

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The Etinastro team is always looking for new solutions and innovative ideas to add extra value to Customer brands and boost their company image. 

In fact, our sensory products are a strong ally available to the olfactory marketing campaigns carried out by customers, and able to remain impressed in the minds of consumers.

Let us walk you through all the characteristics of the Etinastro scented adhesive labels: superior quality and strategy for your brand!

Scented adhesive labels: details on our innovative fragrances

Our scented adhesive labels are supplied on a roll and treated with a special paint soaked in micro-capsules containing a fragrance.

A characteristic that makes our scented labels totally unique, therefore, is the fact that the process does not envisage the presence of scented supports on which the bespoke label is printed, but rather an innovative system developed by Etinastro.

The fragrance is added during the printing phase and, when scratched, the microcapsules containing the fragrance break and release the wonderfully intoxicating scent.

We already have a wide range of fragrances, but we can supply, on request, ad hoc scents and use the essential oils supplied by the customer to generate the microcapsules necessary to reproduce the fragrance.

Furthermore, the fragrances used on the labels are exceptionally long-lasting, as they are only diffused when the microcapsules are touched and break, hence preventing the fragrance from disappearing quickly.

Bespoke solutions to remain impressed in the minds of consumers

Etinastro’s team of experts customises scented adhesive labels, both in shape and size, studying the solution that best meets the customer’s demands.

Our scented labels, in fact, can be placed on a closed package allowing consumers to smell the fragrance inside, or they can be scented with the same olfactory signature present in the shop, to boost the brand memory and to create an emotional “out-of-home” sensation.

Fragrances can, in fact, influence buying behaviour and prove to be a truly precious ally in corporate communication or selecting of products, jump-start a chain of emotions and dormant memories.

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Bruno Bosio
Fondatore, grafico, anima creativa